Custom Swimming Pool Designers, Builders & Contractors

Luxurious poolside dining, a margarita at sunset, or a fun-filled day with the family; if it feels like your backyard is missing something, that’s because you haven’t seen the Parker County Pools range! With over 15 years of professional experience, if you are looking for pool builders in Aledo, Weatherford or Fort Worth, let our team of designers turn your property into the poolside palace you have been dreaming about. From concept to creation, your pool will be built using premium materials from America’s favorite brands, meaning that when it comes to the quality of your new pool, you’ll have total peace of mind.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pools do you offer?

If you can dream it up, we can do it! Our residential pool sizes range from compact to huge, with various maximum depths, and our pool shapes can range from the standard rectangle to the exotic hidden grotto. Depending on your lot size, shape, and the residential zoning required for our installation, we have a wide variety of fully customizable options available.

What types of hot tubs do you offer?

Our hot tubs also come in a huge range of sizes and depths, as well as in an exciting oand original variety of shapes to suit your requirements. Depending on where you plan to put your hot tub and how many people you would like it to accommodate, if it can be done, we can do it.

What is the average cost of a pool or hot tub?

Depending on the size of your pool or hot tub and the materials you have requested, your build could range anywhere between affordable, budget-conscious options and a tub fit for a king! With each one of our custom pools and spas tailored to the unique needs of the customer who has ordered it, you can be confident that your particular pool or hot tub will be designed with your budget in mind.

Family owned and locally operated, our pools and hot tubs combine the best of form, function and affordability. If you’re in the market, our highly-qualified team is at the ready. Contact Parker Country Pools to schedule your estimate today!